• image Every 1Kg of standard epoxy replaced by SuperSap saves 4 Kg of green house gas equivalents
  • image Plant - Based Bioresins: No compromises. Performance, Sustainability, Lower Environmental Impact.
  • image 50% reduction in Carbon Footprint, ISO-based life cycle analysis figure comparing Super Sap systems to conventional petroleum derived systems (ISO 14040:2006).
  • image Systems for a wide range of processes: Hand Layup, Castings, RTM, Compression Molding, Infusion...

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What is Super Sap?
A High performance eco resins that optimize the sustainability of our customers' end products while improving performanceand cost. We've replaced petroleum based chemicals with biobased renewable feedstocks. We are able to lower our resins environmental impact from procedding by employing bioderived materials such as pine oils sourced as co-products from wood pulp processing and vegetable oil components sourced from the waste stream of bio-fuel processing.

asistencia tecnica
  • Strong and durable composites.
  • High performance material solutions.
  • Low petroleum content, replaced by sustainable and renewable resource.
  • Low environmental impact.

Tips, Tricks, Best practices and examples on SuperSap Epoxy.

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  • Laminating and coating
    Products used: Super Sap CLR/CLF or CLS and Super Sap 100/1000.
  • Handling, Measuring, and Mixing
    Products used: Super Sap CLR/CLF or CLS and Super Sap 100/1000.
  • Clear Casting Embedments
    Products used: Super Sap CCR.